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Some friends of mine always sign their emails off with the tag line "With Gratitude". When I first saw this I thought, wow that is a great way to express or convey an emotion that is not very common in today's business climate. So with their permission I started using it on my emails. Not wanting to change my "canned" signature I began typing it into emails before sending them. As I did I noticed that I was consciously requiring myself to be grateful for everything I was doing and expressing that gratefulness to others. My attitude toward many things has changed since I began this journey of gratitude. 

I could write a long list of things I am grateful for and cite the usual family, being a cancer survivor, a growing business and so on, those are the big and important things in life. Being grateful for a response to a business question or a request for information takes it to a new level where it actually has an effect on your attitude throughout your day.

So my challenge to you is to try it for 1 day. When you finish typing your next email instead of saying "Thank You" or "Sincerely" type the words "With Gratitude" and see how you feel after.

With Gratitude,


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